Babies & Children

Is your child’s Nerve System working at its best?

Upper Cervical Care helps your child grow and develop at 100% of their capacity

“Its easier to raise healthy children then attempt to repair damaged adults”


Your Newborn

The stress of birth can cause misalignments of your little ones bones which interfere with proper nerve flow from the brain to body.  This can present itself as acid reflux, asthma, colic, frequent ear infections and delayed developmental milestones.  Our little ones are laying the foundation for the rest of their lives; lets help them put their best foot forward.


Your Child

Children will be children and we want nothing more than to shield them from harm.  Falls & hits to the head can cause misalignments and interfere with their development.  These misalignments can also cause things like asthma , acid reflux, pain, speech or reading delays and ADHD.  Did we mention that care is gentle.


Your Teenager

Sports can also cause misalignments at the top part of the neck.  These misalignments can serve as a roadblock for your teenagers path into adulthood.  They can cause things like migraines, body pain, scoliosis, ADHD, etc.

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