What Causes Subluxations in Bonita Springs FL?

Chiropractic Bonita Springs FL What Causes Subluxations

Subluxations in Bonita Springs FL happen for a variety of reasons but can be explained using one word, STRESS. Stress, however, has many faces; mainly chemical, emotional, and physical. Physical stress is the easiest to explain and understand as it identifies things like car accidents, slips or falls, sports injuries, poor posture, or even the birth process itself. The gentlest of births can produce enough pressure on a baby's head and neck, within the birth canal to cause a subluxation. Dr. Godfrey Gutmann, a German medical researcher, discovered that over 80% of the infants he examined after birth were suffering from cervical spine (neck) injuries. This is why it is absolutely vital to have children checked as soon as possible. See our brochure on "Birthing Healthy Babies" at our Bonita Springs FL chiropractic clinic.

Subluxations from stress in Bonita Springs FL

Chemical and emotional stress are a little more difficult to understand but also play a big role in the development of a Vertebral Subluxation. They can be defined by things like exposure to toxins or chemicals, excessive prescription or over-the-counter medication, and/or the death of a family member, job loss or just the joy of raising children.

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